Our back story


Rocks, Stones, and Bones have been part of the Atkinson family’s blood since the 1970’s. Starting with Rock shops in Florida selling agatized coral (Stonewerks), to selling Dragon Eggs (The Geode Guys) at the Renaissance, all the way to selling one of a kind fossil/mineral sculptures at the most exclusive art shows in the nation (Leo Atkinson Studio). One thing has remained consistent, Rocks are in the family blood. The most recent progression in this life-long obsession/tradition is the next generation of Atkinsons joining the world of one of a kind Art pieces. All the Atkinson children grew up helping around the shop and tinkering with different stones and fossils. Along the way they learned, from their Father and Mother, how to use traditional lapidary tools and techniques to create their own renditions of the original Leo Atkinson Sculpture design. So feel free to follow along on Facebook and Instagram as Leo and his Son work together to create collaborations that the world has never seen.

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