New Geodes!

The Geode Guys, after 5 years of searching, have finally secured 100 lbs. of un-opened “Oco” Geodes from Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil.  Though you may have seen these geodes before crafted into Jewelry or other adornments, it’s extremely rare to find them un-opened.  But for at least the near future we’ll be offering these babies for sale as Crack your own geodes (aka CYOG’s).

Couple of cool facts about these new Oco Geodes:

-“Oco” is the Portoguese word for “hollow.”

-These Geodes can be traced back to a volcanic event 130 million years ago!

-Ocos are hand picked from the hillsides of the Tres Pinheiros region and carried down in burlap sacks.

To purchase your very own CYOG Oco geode send us an e-mail or come see us at a show!

2 thoughts on “New Geodes!

  1. My husband and I met you at the Jackson Hole art fair and purchased Oco geodes for my classroom. You gave me a great deal! My students cracked them open today and were thrilled! They each got a piece of one to take home. Thank you so much for giving me the discount for my students. I hope to see you again to stock up for next year!

    1. Lori,

      I’m so glad your class enjoyed the Oco geodes! If you ever need anything in the offseason feel free to visit our ETSY store (link on the website) or contact me directly. Thank you so much for sharing your passion and enthusiasm for rocks (geodes) with the next generation.

      PS You don’t happen to have any pictures of you guys cracking them do you?

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