New Geodes!

The Geode Guys, after 5 years of searching, have finally secured 100 lbs. of un-opened “Oco” Geodes from Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil.  Though you may have seen these geodes before crafted into Jewelry or other adornments, it’s extremely rare to find them un-opened.  But for at least the near future we’ll be offering these babies for sale as Crack your own geodes (aka CYOG’s).

Couple of cool facts about these new Oco Geodes:

-“Oco” is the Portoguese word for “hollow.”

-These Geodes can be traced back to a volcanic event 130 million years ago!

-Ocos are hand picked from the hillsides of the Tres Pinheiros region and carried down in burlap sacks.

To purchase your very own CYOG Oco geode send us an e-mail or come see us at a show!

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