Amethyst Geode


For the second time in 2021 The Geode Guys will bring out the Geode Cracker and Geodes for a live session.  In order to minimize both ours and your exposure we will be implementing a reservation system where you can reserve a 15 minute time slot with the option to show up 10 minutes before hand to pick out your geodes.  We also encourage you to take a look around the gallery at our Fossil and Mineral creations as well as the work of other artists that are members of the gallery.  We ask that you limit your group size to less than 8 people or less preferably from the same household.

When: Saturday January 23, 2021

Where: Steamboat Creates Art Depot (Across the street and river from the library in downtown Steamboat)

Cost: Geode’s range from $10-350 (you may purchase as many as you like)



Brazilian Amethyst Cathedral

After many years of waiting we’ve finally been able to obtain a few more Amethyst Cathedrals in their natural unopened form. Each cathedral has had a tiny hole drilled into to ensure it was hollow and that it was Amethyst, which was thereafter covered back up so you can’t even tell it was there. We obtained 6 cathedrals total so if you would like the opportunity to open your very own Amethyst cathedral don’t wait too long.


Whole Amethyst Cathedrals for sale in The Geode Guys store

Whole Amethyst Geodes

Fun Facts about these coveted Amethyst Cathedrals

-These Geodes formed from a volcanic event that took place approximately 180 million years ago

-Amethyst comes from the greek word “Amethystos” meaning “not” “intoxicate” for their belief that the stone could keep the owner from drunkness. Which is also why Amethyst has been associated with sobriety in general

-Amethyst was once considered a “precious stone” but is now considered “semi-precious” as more and more of it has been found around the world

-Amethyst is the February birth stone

-Amethyst is a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale

-Amethyst cathedrals are extremely hard to obtain unopened due to the high demand for cut and polished pairs


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Peanut finds the cache

Growing up my Mother was always an adventurer and explorer so naturally when she heard about the world of “geocaching” she decided to bring our family into the fold.  If you’re not familiar with geocaching I highly recommend you check out the site to learn about it (The quick and ugly of it is it’s an international treasure hunt where people hide “caches” all over the world and leave the coordinates on a website for other geocachers to find).  Over the years we found hidden caches all around the US on every trip we would take.  This activity not only felt like a treasure hunt to us kids, but it also brought us to some amazing places and brought us together as a family.  So in tribute to the spirit of adventure my Mother instilled in all of us I decided to create a Geode/Mineral/Fossil themed Cache to hopefully inspire my fellow rock hounds (and their kids) to get outside and explore.  I put together this cache filled with un-opened geodes and other miscellaneous treasures 3 years ago but never got around to actually hiding it!  But with the enthusiasm and help of one of my dear friends and fellow Geode Guy (Bryce Brown) I finally went in the mountains and hid the cache!  Now that you know the back story, here’s the nitty gritty:

Where is hidden?  Routt County, CO   UTM coordinates:  13T  0341397


See the “official” geocaching site here at “The Geode Cache”

Can I bring my kids?  For the most part yes, access to the cache is right around 4 miles round-trip

What do I need to find it?  Either a GPS or map and compass and some way finding skills. Visit to learn more about the sport of geocaching and how it’s played.

What do we do when we find it? We ask that you sign the log book describing your adventure and then feel free to take one item from the cache and leave one item (preferably along the Mineral/Fossil them so plan ahead).  We understand that if you go and find it with your kids they might each want a geode, and that’s fine, but please take as few as possible so that other explorers who find it after you can enjoy it as well!  Once you’ve signed the log, exchanged your items, please close the cache back up and try and hide it like you found it (and of course feel free to log your find on

What if we can’t find it?  After searching for a good long while and you can’t find the cache feel free to look at the hints portion on or if you have service you can call me for a little help 970-846-7687

What about our geodes?  The geode that you retreived from the cache is yours!  Feel free to crack it open yourself, or if you’d like it professionally cracked feel free to bring it down to us at Steamboat Art in the Park this Summer (July 14-15th @ Elk Park)

With that said, get out there and start searching!  At first I’m only listing the coordinates on our website and Facebook pages to give our true fans a head start on the rest of the geocaching community.



The Geode Guys, after 5 years of searching, have finally secured 100 lbs. of un-opened “Oco” Geodes from Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil.  Though you may have seen these geodes before crafted into Jewelry or other adornments, it’s extremely rare to find them un-opened.  But for at least the near future we’ll be offering these babies for sale as Crack your own geodes (aka CYOG’s).

Couple of cool facts about these new Oco Geodes:

-“Oco” is the Portoguese word for “hollow.”

-These Geodes can be traced back to a volcanic event 130 million years ago!

-Ocos are hand picked from the hillsides of the Tres Pinheiros region and carried down in burlap sacks.

To purchase your very own CYOG Oco geode send us an e-mail or come see us at a show!


Top: Beautiful Brazilian Agate (top) cut thin enough that it glows a beautiful carnelian color when back-lit.  However, when the Agate is not back lit shows beautiful banding of blue and red (second picture).

Mid-base: Uruguayan Amethyst/Agate cut thin enough to glow when back lit.

Base: Polished “Black Galaxy” Granite (2cm) on top of Polished Calacatta Marble (2cm).

Price: $2950

Amazing Uruguayan Amethyst
Amazing Uruguayan Amethyst

Well folks, I’ve finally returned from the 2017 grind that is the Tucson Gem and Mineral show and I’m ready to share some pictures and news from this years show.  Some of the highlights for us this year included:

Amethyst from the Barrios Mine in Uruguay:  The Barrios family has been in the mining business since 1992 traditionally specializing in Agate.  However, as of the last two years they have established themselves in Tucson as some of the highest quality Amethyst producers in the world.  I’ve included some pictures of some of the pieces we acquired from them to create into sculptures.

One of the amazing Amethysts Specimens from the Barrios mine
One of the amazing Amethysts Specimens from the Barrios mine

Leo Atkinson Studios/Atkinson Studios: Aside from “The Geode Guys” business Leo and Dusty’s main focus for much of the year is the sculpting of one of a kind Fossil and Mineral sculptures.  Specializing in semi-precious stones/fossils such as Amethyst, Malachite, Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Ammonites, Orthocerus, and many more.  Attached are a few pictures of some of the sculptures we brought to Tucson this year.

Another Malachite Sculpture by Leo Atkinson
Another Malachite Sculpture by Leo Atkinson
Malachite Sculpture by Leo Atkinson
Malachite Sculpture by Leo Atkinson

New Geodes for 2017:  For the first time ever we were able to locate the incredibly rare and beautiful Septarian Concretions from Utah.  These concretions which hide incredibly unique yellow crystals inside are almost always found (bought) already opened.  The reason for this is because the Miners can almost always sell them for more money after they cut them open and polish them up.  However, this year I was able to track down a miner who was willing to sell a few of them un-opened to me.  See pictures above for an example of what they look like wrapped in the chain and upon opening.

Septarian Concretion all ready to be split
Septarian Concretion all ready to be split
Inside of a Septarian Concretion
Inside of a Septarian Concretion

Acquired this amazing Jumbo Moroccan Geode from a private collection of an old friend.  One of the most hollow Moroccan Geodes I’ve ever seen!

img_20161130_123700 img_20161130_123714 img_20161130_123815 img_20161130_123821 img_20161130_123828